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The Women's Pregnancy Center is a resource for women and men with pregnancy related needs, offering a safe and confidential place where you can take your time considering all of your options. An unplanned pregnancy may be scary, but Women's Pregnancy Center can help you remove the fear and confusion through our free services and non-judgemental atmosphere. Remember, being informed empowers you to make the best decision for your pregnancy.

So what are your options? If your pregnancy test is positive, you have choices. Before deciding on a particular option, gather all the facts. Call us for an appointment and you can talk through your options in a safe, confidential environment.

Help is Available

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can seem overwhelming. That is why knowing where to go for help is important. Talk to someone you can trust - we have caring people available to help you through this difficult time.

At Women’s Pregnancy Center, we do not provide or refer for abortions. We will, however, provide you with accurate information regarding abortion procedures and their possible side-effects. Abortion is a serious medical procedure that can affect your physical and mental health. It could affect the rest of your life. The right to choose includes the right to know.


Think you might be PREGNANT?
                      Do you have QUESTIONS?
                                    Considering ABORTION?

Be informed … Be empowered. You have options – and you have the right to know.
You may have an extremely important decision ahead of you. At Women's Pregnancy Center we are here to listen, to talk with you about your options, and to provide you with accurate information that will help you make the best decision for your future.

If you are considering abortion, there are a few things you need to know first:

Am I Really Pregnant?

You may not need an abortion. It is possible to have a positive pregnancy test and not have a pregnancy that will continue. The best way to confirm your pregnancy is to have a medical grade pregnancy test and a confidential ultrasound exam. We can provide both services, free of charge, at Women’s Pregnancy Center. Call 352-629-2811 to schedule your appointment.

How far along am I?

Abortion procedures and costs are based on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Through the use of obstetrical ultrasound, Women’s Pregnancy Center can provide you with that information.

How long do I have to decide?

We know that an unplanned pregnancy can create a lot of questions. You may feel pressured to make a decision about your pregnancy right away, but don’t let anyone rush you. You have time to gather the facts, talk to someone who will listen to you, and think it through. Women’s Pregnancy Center is a safe, confidential place where you can take the time to consider all your options.

Decisions don't have to be made alone. We're here to help.

All of our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.